The torsion foot board – created in response to the athlete’s injury.

When one of the local trail runners and orienteering athletes had a chronic foot injury (inflammation of the plantar fascia attachment to the heel bone) at the end of 2020, the question arose as to whether such a torsion board could help. Initially, a rapid prototype was created from simple materials and compounds, but a stable function to test utility. When the physiotherapist recognized this solution as good in the athlete’s recovery process, we created the torsion foot board in the quality of the physiotherapy tool.

The base is Latvian birch plywood and the top layer of recycled rubber. The rubber coating is easy to care for and does not slip when socks are put on. The rubber floor mat ensures precise use of the torsion board on any floor covering.

Our torsion foot board have already been recognized as a useful tool by physiotherapists who use it in their work process.