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BORED [bôrd]

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We’re creating the secret component for your active lifestyle.

We’re here helping you to reach athletic heights, to recover from injury and to enjoy the process of exercising. BORED is not about boredom, BORED is about seeking diversity helping and motivating you to work regularly and be healthy.

BORED is created by Miks Pētersons, professional designer and trail running enthusiast. Every time we’re making a new product, we are looking for user needs and professional suggestions.

The first product, the balance board – stepper, was created by perfecting a curved balance board for gymnastics and physiotherapy. Going into the details of use led to the main prize at “Latvian Designers’ Union Prize in Design 2021”, category “A Step into the Future”. The second product, the foot rotating board, was created after listening to a runner and orienteering professional who had a problem with the ligaments of the foot (plantar fascia). The developed solution has already reached the offices of several physiotherapists and helps patients in the process of recovery from injuries and operations. The third product, the 3D foot board, is an innovative solution to improve the training process for legs. For higher complexity balance and endurance training.

We’ll keep on watching, listening and helping.

Photo by TakuSkrejejs.lv

Photo by Juris Dzenis/ Takuskrejejs.lv